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8 Hospitalilty Rossi, Carmen 110 West Hubbard Street
Chicago, IL 60654 US

Locate (312) 222-1331 Carmena.rossi@gmail.com https://www.8hospitality.com/

8 Hospitality is a restaurant, hospitality, development, and management company specializing in food and beverage marketing, branding, promotions, public relations, and operations.

Company Sub-Accounts

Account NameWebsiteCompany LogoAcronymPrimary ContactMain PhoneCategoryAddress 1: Address TypeAddress 1: CityAddress 1: Country/RegionAddress 1: Street 1Address 1: Street 2Address 1: Street 3Address 1: NameAddress 1: ZIP/Postal CodeAddress 1: Primary Contact NameAddress 1: State/ProvinceAddress PhoneBusiness TypeCustomer SizeRelationship TypeDescriptionFaxIndustryNo. of EmployeesAccount Name SortOther PhoneEmailEmail (Primary Contact)Address 1
Hubbard Innhttp://www.hubbardinn.comHubbard-Inn-logo.jpgRossi, Carmen(312) 222-1331PrimaryChicagoUS110 West Hubbard StreetHubbard Inn60654ILDefault ValueDefault ValueLocated among an ever growing number of River North restaurants in Chicago, Hubbard Inn creates an unique dining experience with delicious options for brunch, dinner, late night dining and everything in between.70Hubbard InnCarmena.rossi@gmail.comCarmena.rossi@gmail.com110 West Hubbard Street Chicago, IL 60654 US
HVAC Pubhttps://www.hvacpubwrigley.com/Rossi, Carmen(773) 789-8864PrimaryChicago3530 N. Clark St.HVAC Pub60657ILDefault ValueDefault ValueThe north side of Chicago has long been known for its live music venues and the musical icons it has drawn to the city. The interior design and overall vibe at HVAC Pub pays homage to that tradition and ensure it's continued allure for years to come.9HVAC PubCarmena.rossi@gmail.comCarmena.rossi@gmail.com3530 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60657
Joy Districthttp://www.joychicago.comRossi, Carmen(312) 955-0339PrimaryChicago112 West Hubbard StreetJoy District60611ILDefault ValueDefault ValueJoy District is a homage to the hospitality industry itself. Promoting excellent food, unique cocktails, and the conviviality of life itself. Joy District combines heightened dining with private enclosures, a roof top experience, and late night lounge.50Joy Districtcarmen@hubbardinn.comcarmen@hubbardinn.com112 West Hubbard Street Chicago, IL 60611
Lincoln Avenue Social (LA Social)http://lincolnavenuesocial.com/Rossi, Carmen(773) 348-7200PrimaryChicago2263 N. Lincoln Ave.Lincoln Avenue Social60614ILDefault ValueDefault Value11Lincoln Avenue Social (LA Social)Carmena.rossi@gmail.comCarmena.rossi@gmail.com2263 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60614
Pearl Tavernhttp://www.pearltavern.com/Rossi, Carmen(312) 629-1030PrimaryChicago180 N. Upper Wacker Dr.Pearl Tavern60606ILDefault ValueDefault ValuePearl Tavern is an oyster bar and restaurant in the Loop good for after-work drinks or a food.8Pearl TavernCarmena.rossi@gmail.com180 N. Upper Wacker Dr. Chicago, IL 60606