Past Events

Hospitality Connection Club #311/17/2020
VIRTUAL | Super Charging Your Organizations Text Analytics Capabilities11/17/2020
29th Annual Daniel H. Burnham Award11/12/2020
29th Annual Daniel H. Burnham Award - Sponsors11/12/2020
VIRTUAL | Connection Club 11/1111/11/2020
VIRTUAL | Decision 2020: Election Recap & What It Means for Business11/09/2020
Test Event11/08/2020
VIRTUAL | Connection Club 10/2810/28/2020
VIRTUAL | Success Showcase Live: Our Homes – The Epicenter of the Pandemic10/27/2020
VIRTUAL | Connection Club 10/2110/21/2020
VIRTUAL | Chicagoland Chamber Board of Directors10/21/2020
In-Person Connection Club10/20/2020
VIRTUAL | Protecting Your Business in an Uncertain Economy10/20/2020
VIRTUAL | Hospitality Connection Club 10/1510/15/2020
VIRTUAL | Connection Club 10/1410/14/2020
VIRTUAL | A Cost Optimization Approach for your Finance and Accounting (FNA) Processes10/13/2020
VIRTUAL | Building Effective Banking & Lender Relationships10/13/2020
VIRTUAL | Membership Orientation10/08/2020
VIRTUAL | Connection Club 10/710/07/2020
A Special Session with Superintendent David Brown for the Chicagoland Board of Directors and Guests.10/07/2020
VIRTUAL | Taking Flight: The State of Air Travel10/06/2020
VIRTUAL | Chicagoland Chamber PAC Event - Discussion with Leader Durkin10/05/2020
VIRTUAL | Connection Club 9/3009/30/2020
Exchange 2021 Kick Off Virtual Event09/30/2020
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce PAC Virtual Fundraiser for Senate President Don Harmon09/29/2020
VIRTUAL | The Google Ads Grant for Nonprofits By General Systems Corporation09/29/2020
VIRTUAL | Virtual Coffee with Jack 9/2409/24/2020
VIRTUAL | Connection Club 9/2309/23/2020
VIRTUAL | Back on Track: The Future of Public Transit09/21/2020